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    • Socratic Guides for Middle and High School Levels

    • Head Chef (Chef Principal)

    Who are we?


    Acton Academy El Salvador is a private, bilingual Pre-K through 12th grade micro school founded in 2016 and located just a few kilometers from the United States Embassy in a green, safe and quiet neighborhood of Antiguo Cuscatlán.

    We provide a truly unique and disruptive educational model, created by the original Acton Academy school in Austin, Texas in 2009, and replicated in more than 330 locations in 24 countries. We were number 10 and are now in our 7th year.


    For our learners from 1-6 years old, we offer an authentic, world-class Montessori preschool environment. For our learners from K-12th grade, we emphasize Socratic guidance as opposed to conventional teaching, mixed-age classrooms with a self-paced curriculum as opposed to single-age grade levels, and real-world quests that culminate in a public exhibition of learning as opposed to test scores and report cards.


    Our students are in the driver's seat of their learning - and the results have been extraordinary. Above all, we aim to cultivate the human spirit and inspire all children who walk through our doors to find their calling to change the world in a profound way.


    Before you read another word, please watch this video to understand what a day in the life at Acton Academy is like! Next, explore our website www.actonacademyelsalvador.com and that of the Acton Global Network at www.actonacademy.org which has more than 330 affiliates in 24 countries.


    Now, do you believe that children are more capable than most people ever imagine?

    Do you believe that children should be agents and primary drivers of their learning, the architects of their own education and life calling?

    Do you believe that the Montessori principles of independence, autonomy, order and grace and courtesy are the best foundation for a meaningful life?

    Do you want to make the world a better place by reinventing education?


    If your answer to all of these questions is "YES!", we'd love for you to choose from the roles below and apply to join our team.

    NOW HIRING: Acton Socratic Guide (Middle or High School)


    Acton Academy El Salvador is seeking a full time Guide (similar to a mentor, storyteller, game-maker and coach!) for our Middle and High School classrooms for the 2021-2024 school year. Paid, on-the-job training starts as early as March 2023.
    Responsibilities include: Oversee a class of up to 15 students in grades 6-8 or 9-12. The Guide will be responsible for facilitating the growth and development of a studio culture of hard work, high standards, warmth and joy.
    The Apprentice Guide will work with our Directors and Lead Guides to:
    • Create meaningful exhibitions, ceremonies and celebrations that reinforce the rules of engagement, personal and group covenants to provide and strengthen a safe learning community.
    • Affirm students, holding them accountable to their promises and to their commitment to deliver “the best work they can do” as they discover and pursue a calling on a Hero’s Journey.
    • Act as a role model as an independent learner on a Hero’s Journey.
    • Launch and lead Socratic (question-driven) group discussions.
    • Co-create and launch Quests (projects), including developing daily challenges and curating world class examples.
    • Cultivate a positive, beautiful, orderly and inspiring classroom environment.
    • Set up systems and guide students in setting goals, tracking their progress and creating portfolios of their work to show peers, parents and future employers what they can do.
    • Observe and track each child’s progress via a cutting edge online dashboard.
    • Pass along each of these responsibilities to students as quickly as possible, so as to develop and encourage students to lead themselves.
    • Practice the Socratic method at all times (i.e., instead of answering questions, guide students to find the answers themselves).
    • Communicate/meet with parents in person, via email, ClassDojo, Google Photos on a regular schedule and as needed.
    • Research, find and schedule guest speakers, plan field trips, organize events and celebrations.
    Though most of the curriculum will be set already, the guide will help set and create daily/weekly/yearly planning as well as evaluating and refining the existing curriculum and designing and experimenting with new projects, tools and approaches.
    Basic Qualifications:
    • Experience or education in education, child psychology, or a related field.
    • Loves to work with adolescents.
    • Has proven excellence and references in guiding children in or out of a school environment.
    • Extra consideration and increased compensation for: international experience, entrepreneurial experience, previous Socratic or Montessori training, summer camp counselors or education or experience in STEM fields, Maker, Tinkerer or Design.
    • Extra consideration if you are considering opening your own Acton affiliate within 3- 5 years, outside of El Salvador.
    The Ideal Guide:
    • loves to experiment, evaluate and improve in everything s/he does
    • strikes a good balance between being tough-minded and warm-hearted
    • learns quickly, works hard, shows up on time
    • is emotionally self-regulating (can keep a poker face amidst a glitter explosion)
    • fluent in English 
    • proficient in Spanish
    • is an autonomous and self-directed learner and an active reader 
    • is fun, playful, has high energy and takes initiative
    • asks way more questions than tells answers and is excited to learn how to be a Socratic guide
    • has a growth mindset and fosters that in others
    • can manage conflict well and facilitate conflict management (e.g., Non-Violent Communication principles)
    • is orderly, organized and likes to keep their space orderly, clean and beautiful 
    • likes to design scientific experiments, creative challenges and team-building activities
    • can tell a story, make up a game and design a fun project
    Salary: Acton offers a competitive local salary of $750 - $1500 per month, depending on experience, education and leadership ability, plus a bonus structure based on performance and written, quantitative feedback. We also offer a health plan, a healthy meal plan and we will assist with relocation and work permits for the exceptional candidate.The position offers opportunities for professional development, growth and advancement.
    Timing: Our school year runs from mid-August to mid-June. We run on 4-6 week sessions with 1-3 week breaks in between, during which Guides are expected to balance time off with planning and preparing for the next session. Paid training starts immediately.
    The training period is directed by the Director of K-12 programs. The Guide mist be willing to complete these learning activities and remove all ego that s/he already knows best. S/he must be excited to understand the Acton and Montessori philosophies on a deep, transformative level.


    A small tagline

    Estamos buscando a una CHEF PRINCIPAL talentosa para liderar en nuestra cocina y preparar deliciosos menús para nuestra comunidad de Eagles y equipo de Acton Academy El Salvador.


    La Chef Principal estará a cargo de alimentar aproximadamente a 75 personas por día, de lunes a viernes, preparando comidas saludables y económicas, servidas al estilo familiar.

    Responsabilidades incluídas:

    • Planificar un borrador de menú cada mes. utilizando nuestros principios de nutrición
    • Trabajar con nuestras Directoras para finalizar el menú mensual
    • Organizar las compras semanales
    • Conseguir las compras de forma eficiente y económica
    • Actividades directas de cocina
    • Mantener la cocina ordenada, organizada y muy limpia, siguiendo pautas profesionales.
    • Seleccionar y seguir consistentemente las recetas
    • Comprender los principios nutricionales
    • Planificar los menús
    • Preparar toda la comida para cocinarla
    • Seguir los estándares de higiene profesional
    • Crear y hacer cumplir los procesos y procedimientos
    • Calcular los costos de los alimentos

    Preparación profesional:

    • Título de bachiller
    • Haber estudiado para ser chef
    • Haber trabajado como chef en una cocina funcional durante un mínimo de 3 años.
    • Usar programas básicos como Excel/Sheets, Word/Docs, Email, etc.
    • Tener experiencia en la planificación de menús
    • Tener experiencia calculando costos de alimentos.
    • Tener experiencia haciendo compras
    • Poder seguir recetas consistentemente

    Habilidades personales:

    • Tener capacidad de liderazgo
    • Ser responsable
    • Trabajar con iniciativa propia
    • Tener hábitos sólidos de limpieza y orden
    • Tener habilidades de planificación y organización
    • Ser honesta
    • Ser flexible y receptiva a la retroalimentación
    • Ser creativa en la cocina

    Para empezar su aplicación, favor seguir este enlace: