• Why did we start an Acton Academy in El Salvador?

  • Our Manifesto

    Imagine a world where our children are not afraid to explore their innate creativity and curiosity. A world where children are encouraged to discover their passions and face the challenges of the future with confidence and determination.


    This is the world we are making at Acton! Our teaching methodology focuses on strengthening children's people skills, so they can learn to work in teams, be critical, solve problems and succeed in any challenge they face. This is the education for life.


    Acton is a school with a singular way of teaching and training the new professionals of the future. We want to free our students from the shackles of traditional education and foster their innovative spirit. At Acton, we make learning extraordinary. Our students learn by doing, experimenting and collaborating. We preserve their innate love for learning and guide and support them to face every challenge with courage.

  • At Acton, we equip, inspire, connect and coach the next generation of leaders who will change the world.