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  • Our Story

    Why did we start an Acton Academy in El Salvador?

    With Laura & Jeff Sandefer, founders of Acton Academy

    March 2016 in Austin, Texas

    When our two children reached school age, we realized that the traditional school system was not fomenting the skills needed to be entrepreneurial, virtuous and competent in the technological age.


    We wanted to offer them an education that preserved their curiosity and spirit while developing key skills such as entrepreneurship, collaboration, communication, intellectual honesty and creativity.


    After doing a lot of research and experimentation, we began to meet with other families who were looking to equip their children with skills for the 21st century in a loving, healthy and authentic environment.


    In October, 2015, we met the founder of Acton Academy Guatemala. Over a two hour conversation, he described the learning environment we had always wanted for our children. We applied for the license, completed the initial training and, along with Carmen Castro Dárdano, founded Acton Academy & Montessori El Salvador, the 14th Acton Academy affiliate - out of 128 now in the world.


    Our children - and those of many other innovative families - are happy and healthy and are developing skills for a lifetime of learning and purpose.

  • "My daughter started at Acton this year and absolutely loves it!

    She is in charge of her own learning in a warm and supportive environment.

    Acton is at the cutting edge of how education should be transforming for the future and it is so exciting to have this here in El Salvador!"

    - Spark Studio Parent