• Admissions Process

    We have an ongoing admissions cycle for Montessori (Infant Community and Children's House), we encourage you to apply early, as the spots are limited.


    For Spark, Discovery, Agora and Launchpad we have two admissions periods per school year: October-December and March-May.

    Our process is designed to help your family explore the new science of learning in the 21st century, then decide if this is the right fit for you.


    You can read, watch videos, and participate in events.

    We encourage you to dive deeply!

  • Is Acton the right school for our family?

    Acton is a perfect fit for the following types of families:

    • Autodidacts (self-taught)
    • Entrepreneurs
    • People who realize that the traditional school system does not prepare children to be successful in the modern world
    • Creators and creatives
    • Out-of-the box thinkers
    • People who want the benefits of child-directed learning without having to make a full-time commitment to homeschooling
    • People who need flexible attendance for travel and family obligations
    • Children who want time to pursue their passions beyond traditional after school hours
    • People who want to maximize their family time
    • Trailblazers and trendsetters
    • Families who value their freedom and want their children to develop a love of learning

    Parents looking for the following may not be a great fit for Acton:

    • Those who treasure social prestige and really prefer a traditional education
    • Those who have changed schools many times, always seeking something better or different, but aren't sure exactly what that is
    • Those who aren't sure their child is ready yet for the responsibility and struggles—and occasional tears—of truly independent learning (and may be right)
    • Those who are not committed to a Hero's Journey themselves