• Acton Academy El Salvador

    Authentic Montessori Preschool and innovative K-12th Grade.

    We believe that each child who enters our doors is a genius who deserves to find a calling to change the world.

  • Learn to Be. Learn to Do. Learn to Learn.

    Acton Academy offers the most engaging education you can find.

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  • Our Core Values

    Autonomy & Independence

    Starting with our youngest learners, we "follow the child," fomenting independence and autonomy so that they grow into self-reliant, responsible and empowered people.

    Individualized Learning

    We believe that school should be positive and productive and it should serve each learner. We believe in mastery over passing and in following your passions and developing the skills your child will need on his or her unique path.

    Curiosity & Exploration

    We believe children are innately curious, and need a learning environment that cultivates their curiosity. Our focus at Acton is to create an environment where creativity is the fuel for learning.


    Rather than follow a standardized curriculum, our learners chart their own course, setting goals each week and then working hard to reach them - which gives them the power of self-discipline and self-management - a key to being successful in the new economy.

    Authentic Friendships

    We believe that people skills are the most important skills and that honesty, empathy, connection, kindness and vulnerability allow authentic friendships to grow and that holding each other accountable to be our best selves is an aspect of true friendship.

    Life Skills

    We engage children in real-world skills: from preparing food and cleaning up after themselves to learning how to manage conflict, collaborate with others, communicate effectively and even to build their own businesses.

  • Testimonials

    "Within minutes of hearing about Acton Academy's learning design, mission and philosophy, I said to my husband: THIS. This is the kind of school we have been looking for for our children. We embraced the Acton journey and we have never looked back. Our kids are thriving, happy and free to be themselves. And they are part of a global network of innovators that will serve them in their future careers - wherever they decide to go, whatever they decide to do. Thank you, Acton Academy!!!"

    "Mis hijos aman ir a Acton todos los días porque está diseñado para ayudarles a encontrar su voz, hacerse cargo de su educación y practicar la colaboración y el auto control junto a un grupo divertido de colegas que es una verdadera comunidad."

    "Mi hija empezó en Acton este año y estamos fascinados. Ella está a cargo de su propio aprendizaje en un ambiente positivo y cálido. Acton es la punta de lanza de cómo debe ser la educación para el futuro y es muy emocionante tener esta oportunidad aquí en El Salvador."

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    Our promise to your child.

    Our Promise:

    Each person who enters our door can find a calling to change and serve the world.


    Our Mission:

    To equip our students with the skills and tools they will need to find and follow their life purpose.

    Learn to be curious, independent and a lifelong learner.

    Develop a deep respect for economic, political and religious freedom and responsibility.

    Celebrate the arts, the wonders of the physical world, and the mysteries of life on the planet.

    Discover your most valuable gifts and learn to use them to solve difficult problems.

  • Accreditation

    International Association of Learner-Driven Schools

    Acton Academy El Salvador is fully accredited by the International Association of Learner-Driven Schools in Texas, USA.

    Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation

    Acton Academy is recognized by this Harvard University Institute for being a leading innovator in K-12 Education.

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