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First Blog Post!

"Let the wild rumpus begin." - Maurice Sendak

So I am just jumping in here with the first blog post of Acton Academy El Salvador! We launched the community in July with MAKER CAMP and started this academic year on August 16th. Last night we had our first Parent Meeting, which was filled with so much gratitude, courage, love and good news that I floated home. 

On an Anonymous Feedback Form, a parent asked us for a blog to update parents, plus blogging in part of the Acton commitment, so here I am!

See this pic below:

This pic captures what our Acton community has created since August. 

So, what's happening here?

What's happening here is that these Eagles have just completed two free writes, taken from 642 Things To Write About:

1) Write a poem about a tomato.

2) Describe the biggest earthquake you have ever heard about.

Now they are presenting their (creative, dramatic, amazing) poetry and prose to an audience of their peers.

One problem: the student in the middle is nervous. He is like the famous experimental rat whose food is on the other side of the electric shock in the maze. He wants to move forward, but he is afraid of the shock.

Spontaneously, his fellow Eagles offered to stand up there with him so that he would have the courage to read his work. He didn't read this exact time, but within 15 minutes he had read TWICE. 

This is Acton.

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