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Character Building the Acton Way

At Acton, we don’t “teach” character building, but it is built into almost everything we do. From the Community Contract, to the Internet Usage Policy that the Eagles are in the process of making, to how we manage conflict. As Acton has its roots in Montessori, “grace and courtesy” are part of how we do everything we do. Or how we try to do it, anyway!

One key way we support Eagles to make excellent personal choices is through positive feedback. When an Eagle goes above and beyond the call of duty, is extra kind, takes responsibility for a making a mistake or does extra work on academics or in the community, the other Eagles have a way of acknowledging this excellence by creating a “character call out” slip.

Every Friday, we sit in a circle and the Eagles read this positive feedback out loud, and then we post the slips on our bulletin board.

It is a wonderful way to stay positive and reinforce excellent character traits!

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