• 2023-2024 Tuition Information

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  • Our Admissions Process

    Below are the steps to apply to Acton Academy.




    Above, click "Learn More" and watch a few videos about us.


    Then, read "Courage to Grow," a book about why Acton was created.


    Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our Eagles in action!



    Our Director

    Use this form to schedule a Zoom call with one of our Directors.


    Be prepared to ask questions and to tell more about why you are curious about Acton for your child.



    the School

    During the Zoom call, we may invite you to a private tour.


    Or, we may invite you to do more research to make sure Acton is a great fit for your family.



    a Trial Week

    Only for children 6 and older, we offer a Trial Week, so we can all get to know each other.


    If after this week we both want to continue the process, we will invite you to apply!



    with Us

    The last step in the process is a parent interview.


    We will ask you about your parenting style, why you want an Acton education for your child, and your thoughts about our book, "Courage to Grow."

  • Are you ready to reinvent education for your family?

    Our ideal family understands and appreciates the unique proposition of Acton Academy and is ready to trust their child to take charge of his or her own education. The ideal family values and practices authenticity, courage, optimism, initiative, perseverance, independence, kindness and honesty.

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    The Courage to Grow / El Coraje Para Crecer

    Book by Laura Sandefer

    Please read Courage to Grow, How Acton Academy Turns Learning Upside Down, by Laura Sandefer.


    If you attended a Tour or Info Session, you may already have read it! You may also download it in Spanish or English on Kindle for $0.99.

    Applicants 0-5 years old

    Applicants 6 years and older